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Ponto24 debit card

Subscription conditions

Hold an account with Socremo.
Subscribe to the service at any Socremo branch.

Expiry date
2-year expiry date (from the date of issue).

At ATMs:
    Changing the PIN
    Balance Inquiry
    Movements Inquiry
At Ponto24 POS terminals:
    Pay for Services

Daily Limits of Use
Payments - 75,000.00 MT
Withdrawals - 10,000.00 MT

    Flexibility to set user/card limits;
    Ease of control of transactions per card through receipts at ATM machines or Socremo branches;
    Convenience of not needing to carry cash because the payment will be made by automatic debit to the associated account;
    Reduction of administrative costs and time spent on administrative work;

Safety Recommendations
Proceed to change the PIN to one you can easily remember. Y should never write it down or keep it together with the card.

What to do in case of loss or theft
Contact any Socremo branch.